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Although an attorney may zealously represent his/her client, it is unavoidable for even the best attorneys to elude the occasional unhappy client.  Unfortunately, when a client does not receive the desired result, they often look for someone else to blame. At K&F we are prepared to effectively defend attorneys against malpractice claims, including self-insured attorneys and those possessing coverage through an outside professional liability insurer.  Our attorneys have significant experience appearing before a variety of different professional licensing boards, and one of our partners has previously served as a hearing committee member with the BBO.

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Whether it be a complaint filed with the BBO, or a civil lawsuit, our firm approaches each case with both compassion and discretion, as we recognize that an attorney’s ability to practice law represents their livelihood. We also recognize, and are prepared to handle, the complex nature of having to analyze the vast amounts of facts and legal arguments at issue in the underlying case, which led to the present complaint being filed. Our firm is prepared to develop a response to any complaint, negotiate with the BBO, and, if necessary, present a zealous defense at hearing.  At K&F, we are committed to ensuring that our clients are afforded procedural and substantive fairness, including an opportunity to a full and fair hearing under the due process standards of both state and federal law.  In the event of a lawsuit, our basic strategy is to prepare for trial thoroughly and aggressively during the early stages of litigation, in order to ensure that we are always well prepared for trial, and to maximize leverage if settlement is ultimately in our client’s best interest.

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