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At KLG, we understand that the complexities of a divorce can be made even harder when emotions are running high. In a divorce where support payments are to be made, we have the experience necessary to sort through all the details and help guide clients to achieve a fair settlement, even in the most difficult cases.

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If a couple is unable to come to an agreement on support payments through negotiation, family court will use several factors in awarding support from one spouse to the other. These include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Age of each party
  • Health of each party
  • Occupation of each party
  • The amount of income of each party
  • Skills and abilities of each with regard to employability
  • The conduct of each party during the marriage
  • The estate and liabilities of each party
  • Potential earning capacity of each party

While there are no set guidelines for determining the amount of spousal maintenance in each particular divorce case, KLG has the experience you need in the courtroom. We are familiar with the local courts and will use that knowledge in representing your best interests when presenting your specific situation.

In Massachusetts, alimony can be ordered indefinitely until a spouse dies or the dependent spouse remarries, or other lengths of time pursuant to a statute, unless the parties negotiate and the court allows a different length of alimony. Whether you will be receiving spousal support or paying it, our firm will strive to ensure that the court sets a fair amount and length of support for you.

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