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At all times, KLG’s attorneys aggressively advocate for the best interests of the firm’s clients. However, when young children are involved in a divorce, our attorneys work with the clients to ensure that we are pursuing the client’s best interest while being very sensitive to the primary goal of pursuing the best interests of the children.

Our lawyers do all that is reasonably possible to avoid a contentious divorce particularly between parents, because even after a divorce, in most cases, parents must still be able to work together to raise their children. A contentious divorce almost always undercuts divorced parents’ future ability to work together for their children.

How Is Child Support Determined?

In Massachusetts, child support is calculated by statutory guidelines. This calculation includes factors such as each parent’s income, the number of children, time spent with the children, health care costs, child care costs and other financial figures. The non-custodial parent is generally responsible for paying child support. Our attorneys understand you may have questions about how support is determined, and we know you want to ensure a fair amount is determined. We can answer your questions. Additionally, we can investigate any hidden assets to ensure all income is considered in the calculation.

Will I Get Custody?

The Massachusetts courts make no assumption for custody, which means the court decides custody and visitation based upon the best interests of the children. Our law firm can obtain custody arrangements through whatever means necessary to determine the best interests of the children, including negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Can Child Custody and Child Support Change?

In the months and years after your divorce is finalized, many things can change. You or your ex-spouse could remarry. You or your ex-spouse could receive a raise in salary. You or your ex-spouse could lose your job or obtain a new job in another state. Most often, the courts will modify an existing court order concerning children if there is a material change in the parties’ circumstances and the modification is in the best interests of the children. Our lawyers are adept at helping you recognize a material change in circumstance and then, if appropriate, effectively pursuing a complaint for modification. We are also experienced in handling contempt cases where one party is not paying court-ordered child support.

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