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KLG has many years of experience representing professionals, such as businessman, business owners, salespersons, and financial representatives, in divorce proceedings. We know how complicated the issues can be in these cases. We also are skilled in representing stay-at-home spouses who handled child-rearing and other duties while his or her spouse was advancing their education or career.

We know how large and complex the financial details of a divorce can be for a professional and his or her spouse. We are experienced in protecting the rights of our clients in high-income cases.

Professional Experience

Some of the details that need to be addressed are:

  • Property division (marital home, vacation property or other real estate)
  • Retirement accounts/401(k)s
  • Pensions
  • Investments
  • Child support
  • Family-held business
  • Future inheritance
  • Future earnings
  • Tax implications

The Social Security Administration recognizes that a person may be eligible for benefits based on his or her spouse’s career income history. However, when one person stayed at home while the other’s career advanced, the benefit is often considerably less than that of the professional.

At KLG, we recognize that even if you were not the breadwinner, you may have contributed greatly to the overall income of your family. By taking care of children and other household duties, your spouse was able to further his or her education or advance in his or her profession.

While most divorces occur among younger people, an increasing number of couples are deciding to divorce later in life. So called “gray divorce” may occur when a couple stayed together for the sake of their children or maybe they simply fell out of love. Our lawyers know that you may be concerned about your financial future if you are going through a divorce later in life. What will happen to your joint retirement accounts, health care benefits and real estate? How will assets be distributed and debts paid? These are questions we can help answer. If one spouse stayed primarily at home while the other was the breadwinner, that person’s Social Security benefits will no doubt be less than that of the working spouse. In this case, if you are over 62 you may be eligible for benefits based on your ex-spouse’s income history. Let us investigate your options for you.

Our goal for each of our clients is to effectively and aggressively work to help him/her receive all to which he/she is entitled.

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