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Millions of burn injuries are reported throughout the country each year. These injuries typically cause the victim much pain and physical impairments, and creates the need to stop working for a period of time (or permanently) and to commit to significant and on-going rehabilitation.

Oftentimes, burn injuries are the result of negligence. Determining whether negligence took place and where can be difficult because many parties may be at fault and the cause of negligence can be any number of sources, including defective products, gas explosions, electrical burns, fires, hot liquid scalds, and many others. Also, burn injuries can happen in a large number of places. For example, burn injuries are common in certain work places. They also may be the result of a car accident, a malfunction with an appliance in someone’s own home, or a person being entrapped in a home or building that is ablaze.

The lawyers at KLG are ready to help victims of burn injuries by determining whether negligence was a proximate cause of these injuries, and if so, by securing fair compensation for any resulting disabilities, rehabilitation and lost wages (both past and future). Additionally, the attorneys at KLG will pursue compensation for pain and suffering and the emotional toll that inevitably results from burn injuries.

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