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We represent victims who have sustained serious injuries in many types of accidents including victims who have been injured as a result of car or motorcycle accidents.

Lawyers at KLG have experience pursuing motor vehicle accident claims throughout Massachusetts. Negligence plays a significant role in many motor vehicle accidents and can result from many different behaviors including: failing to signal when turning; texting or talking on the phone while driving; violation of traffic laws; ignoring traffic signs or signals; and driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Victims of negligence deserve compensation: Physical and emotional pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages can be recovered by victims of motor vehicle accidents when they have strong advocates like the lawyers at KLG.

Attorneys at KLG have worked successfully with skilled investigators for the benefit of their clients. For instance, when alcohol is involved in a car accident, victims of the accident may seek damages against bars in addition to the motor vehicle operator. KLG has worked with investigators who are talented at identifying bars whose patron caused the accident. Also, when involved in a car accident, all parties must stop and identify themselves, but sometimes the driver who caused the crash flees the scene. KLG has worked with investigators who are talented at identifying the drivers liable to KLG clients resulting from accidents negligently caused by these drivers.

The lawyers at KLG are experienced in navigating motorcycle accident claims. Motorcyclists travel the same roads as other drivers, and follow most of the same regulations. However, motorcyclists’ safety is often in jeopardy because they are not often given the respect that they deserve by other drivers. Motorcycle accidents (like car accidents) can cause seemingly insurmountable pain to families emotionally, physically, and financially. However, (unlike car accidents) many people assume motorcycle riders are responsible for their own injuries just because they were riding motorcylces. This perception is wrong, and the attorneys at KLG have learned how to overcome this misconception when litigating cases involving motorcycle accidents.

A large part of the success experienced by lawyers at KLG for our clients stems from our attorneys’ familiarity with insurance companies. Attorneys at KLG are confident in their dealings with insurance companies and are successful when cases become complex and difficult to resolve.

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