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We are a passionate and tenacious team of lawyers driven and committed to your success. We have the desire, sensibility and size that allows us to provide you with cost-effective and personalized legal services. Our professional team works together, combining all of our skills, resources and knowledge necessary to handle complex cases that are often handled by much larger firms.


Trial Attorneys

As trial attorneys, we have a proven track record of aggressively litigating our cases from the start of each case in order to place our clients in the best possible position to take their case to trial. When a case reaches the trial stage our attorneys are well prepared to present the case in the most favorable light to a judge or jury in order to reach a positive outcome.


Civil Litigation

The depth of our experience in civil litigation allows us to effectively analyze a case in order to provide our clients with the guidance they need: Some cases should be settled immediately; other cases must be effectively prepared for trial as a means of seeking a favorable settlement; and other cases simply need to be tried. Our litigation team works tirelessly on our cases so that we may provide our clients with cost-effective strategies and recommendations to reach a favorable outcome.


Criminal Litigation

Our partners are able to draw on their knowledge and experience prosecuting cases for the Middlesex District Attorneys’ Office in order to deliver the best possible defense for felony or misdemeanor charges in all courts of the Commonwealth. Having attorneys who have worked a criminal case from both sides of the law is an invaluable resource for our clients.

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