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Bicycle accidents are too common in Boston. The most frequent bicycle accidents involve cars when, for example, a driver misjudges the cyclists speed, or fails to appreciate the velocity of a cyclist and overtakes the cyclist before making a turn. Other bicycle accidents involve defective products, attacks by dogs, and uneven roadways.

Bicycle accidents can result in injuries ranging from broken bones to brain trauma, and like other personal injury matters, can cause much pain and suffering, lost wages, temporary or permanent loss of function, and other significant damages.

The attorneys at KLG are ready to help you if you are involved in a bicycle accident, because they know how to recognize negligence that may occur in these accidents, overcome juror bias against bicyclists, and are prepared to aggressively pursue the recovery of damages for you. These damages ordinarily include reimbursement for lost wages, and medical expenses as well as compensation for physical injuries and pain and suffering.

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