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Criminal Charges Against Nurses FAQs

Boston Attorneys Helping Nurses Defend Themselves Against Criminal Charges

Criminal charges are cause for concern in most situations. When the government charges nurses with crimes, though, it may not only impact their rights and reputation, it may also impair their professional license. Simply because a person is charged with committing a crime does not mean that they will be convicted, however, and it is essential for anyone faced with criminal accusations to explore their rights. If you are a nurse accused of violating the law, the assertive Boston criminal defense attorneys at Koufman Law Group can provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about criminal charges against nurses and aid you in taking the measures necessary to protect your liberties and career. We have an office in Boston, and we regularly represent nurses charged with crimes in Boston and cities throughout Massachusetts.

What types of criminal charges do nurses typically face in Massachusetts?

Nurses, like all private citizens, can be charged with crimes if they violate state of federal law, but they face some charges more frequently than others. Many of their charges arise out of their professional like, such as assault, either of patients or other people in the workplace. They may also be accused of drug-related offenses, like theft, fraud, and breaking and entering if it is believed that they inappropriately diverted prescription drugs in their work setting.

How can criminal charges affect a nurse’s employment opportunities?

Criminal charges, especially ones that lead to convictions, can significantly impact a nurse’s employment opportunities within the healthcare field. Many healthcare employers conduct background checks and require disclosure of criminal history during the hiring process. Depending on the nature of the charges and the employer’s policies, a criminal record may disqualify a nurse from certain positions or result in termination of employment. Additionally, a nurse convicted of a crime may face disciplinary action from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing, which can further impair their employment options.

What rights do nurses facing criminal charges have?

Nurses, like all people facing criminal charges, are protected by the Massachusetts and United States Constitutions. For example, they have the right to be represented by competent counsel and the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. This means that if law enforcement agents illegally obtained evidence against them, they may be able to argue that such evidence should be deemed inadmissible. They are also protected from self-incrimination, which means that they cannot be forced to testify or make statements that could imply their guilt.

What should nurses do if they are facing criminal charges?

If a nurse is facing criminal charges, they should seek legal advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help them determine what defenses they may be able to assert, help them protect their rights, and evaluate what measures they should take to protect their professional license. An attorney can also help a nurse charged with a crime ensure they comply with any statutory deadlines.

Can criminal charges against a nurse be expunged or sealed?

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to have criminal charges against a nurse expunged or sealed, effectively removing them from their criminal record. Expungement or sealing of criminal records is subject to specific eligibility criteria and procedures established by Massachusetts law. Generally, minor offenses or cases that were dismissed, resulted in acquittal, or were resolved through diversion programs may be eligible for expungement or sealing. However, serious offenses or convictions typically cannot be expunged or sealed. Nurses interested in pursuing expungement or sealing of their criminal records should consult with a knowledgeable attorney to assess their eligibility and navigate the legal process.

Meet with an Experienced Boston Criminal Defense Attorney

Nurses charged with crimes often fear that the worst outcome is inevitable, but there are often numerous arguments in their defense that can help them to avoid a conviction. If you are a nurse charged with a crime and you have questions about your options, it is smart to meet with an attorney as soon as possible. The experienced Boston criminal defense lawyers of Koufman Law Group possess the resources and skills required to obtain favorable outcomes, and if you hire us, we will craft compelling arguments in your favor. Our office is in Boston, and we regularly represent nurses in criminal matters in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. You can contact us to arrange a confidential consultation through our online form or by calling us at 617-423-2212.

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