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Massachusetts Attorneys Defending People Charged with Criminal Offenses

Criminal Defense

There are few things as worrisome as being charged with a crime, and criminal defendants often feel as if they are automatically disadvantaged in a fight against the government. People charged with criminal offenses have many rights, however, and many avenues to fight to protect their interests. It is critical, therefore, that criminal suspects seek legal counsel as soon as possible. If you are accused of unlawful activity in Massachusetts, the skillful Boston criminal defense attorneys of Koufman Law Group can inform you of your options for seeking a favorable outcome and assist you in developing a strategy that is suited to helping you pursue your goals. We have ample experience defending people charged with crimes in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, and we are eager to assist you with your legal needs.

About Our Firm

In the late 1980s, Victor Koufman served as a supervisor for the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office before establishing a criminal defense firm in Salem, Massachusetts. Later, he moved the firm to downtown Boston to facilitate access to state courts across Massachusetts. Attorney Caleb Koufman brings the knowledge he obtained working as a public defender in Framingham, Massachusetts, to Koufman Law Group, where he regularly defends people accused of crimes in the Superior Court and District Court, focusing on defending allegations related to violence, controlled substances, and motor vehicle offenses. Koufman Law Group also benefits from the skills and experience of a third criminal defense attorney, Peter Tison, who concentrates on defending cases in the District Courts throughout Massachusetts.

Attacking the Prosecution’s Case

In any criminal case in Massachusetts, the prosecution must prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. While there is no statutory definition for what this phrase means, it has generally been interpreted to mean evidence that is sufficient to firmly convince the judge or jury that the defendant is guilty, with no room for a reasonable person to conclude otherwise. Usually, this requires the prosecution to present compelling evidence demonstrating the defendant’s guilt.

In many instances, though, a defendant may be able to argue that the prosecution should be precluded from offering certain evidence, thereby significantly weakening the prosecution’s case. For example, if the defendant was stopped or searched without just cause, it may violate the right against unreasonable search and seizure, and any evidence obtained during that part of the investigation may be inadmissible. Similarly, if a defendant made an incriminating statement while being questioned prior to being advised of their rights, the statement may be barred from evidence if the interrogation impinged on the defendant’s right against self-incrimination. Often, if the prosecution is unable to present key evidence against the defendant, the charges will ultimately be dismissed.

Potential Affirmative Defenses

While the prosecution bears a high burden of proof, criminal defendants do not have to produce any evidence at any point during their proceedings and therefore face no evidentiary burden. In some cases, though, it may benefit a defendant to offer evidence that may help to avoid a conviction. In other words, a defendant may set forth an affirmative defense arguing that while they in engaged in the acts out of which the criminal charges arose, the judge or jury should nonetheless issue a not guilty verdict.

For example, if a defendant is charged with assault, but the evidence shows that the defendant merely acted with force to avoid a threat of harm by the alleged victim, the defendant may be deemed to have been acting in self-defense. Notably, to demonstrate force was used in self-defense, the defendant must show that they reasonably believed they were being attacked or were about to be attacked, and therefore, their safety was in immediate danger. They must also prove that they made every reasonable effort to avoid resorting to force and used no greater force than was necessary.

Confer with a Capable Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can cause anxiety and fear, but charges do not automatically lead to a conviction, and in many cases, a defendant can fight to have the evidence the prosecution needs to prove the defendant’s guilt precluded. Attacking the prosecution’s case requires an assertive and knowledgeable defense attorney, and therefore, it is essential for anyone accused of a crime to retain an attorney who will fight to protect their interests. If you are charged with a crime in Massachusetts, the capable Boston criminal defense attorneys of Koufman Law Group can develop effective arguments on your behalf to assist you in seeking the best results available under the facts of your case. Our office is located in Boston, and we routinely defend people charged with crimes in Boston and as well as in other cities throughout Massachusetts. You can contact us through our form online or at 617-423-2212 to set up a confidential meeting regarding your charges.

Client Reviews

Koufman Law Group, LLC retained me as an expert in a medical case. They effectively and thoroughly prepared for trial by, for instance, developing a good working knowledge of the content of my testimony. They also helped me determine the best manner by which I presented my expert testimony, and at...

Peter M. (Medical Expert - Malpractice)

I am a medical doctor who has worked with K&F on a number of cases. I am consistently impressed with the K&F team's collaborative approach, with their individual commitment, and with their strong litigation skills.

Thomas X. (Medical Malpractice & Civil Rights)

Attorney Koufman was able to do the job that two other attorneys couldn't and he got my case dismissed. I highly recommend him. He answered my phone calls and was extremely attentive to my case. He stuck up for me when nobody else would and he didn't let the system trample me.


I received a "Not Guilty" verdict. Everything was just fantastic. Attorney Koufman looked at every single thing. I am very happy about what he did. He's a very good lawyer. He's respectful. The jury was six women and one guy, and they liked him very much.


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