Police Brutality

Police Brutality

Police officers are responsible for protecting and serving all citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, law enforcement may sometimes overstep their authority and violate the oath they swore to serve and protect. While the vast majority of police officers may be honest, ethical individuals, just one bad police officer may spoil the hard work and reputation of the others. Law enforcement can act in an unlawful manner — by racial profiling, illegally stopping or detaining a person, using excessive force, or violating an individual’s civil rights in many other ways.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the types of occurrences that can result in police brutality and civil rights violations, and are prepared to respond in an effective and divisive manner that helps restore dignity to the system and our clients’ constitutional rights.

Client Reviews

Koufman Law Group, LLC retained me as an expert in a medical case. They effectively and thoroughly prepared for trial by, for instance, developing a good working knowledge of the content of my testimony. They also helped me determine the best manner by which I presented my expert testimony, and at...

Peter M. (Medical Expert - Malpractice)

I am a medical doctor who has worked with K&F on a number of cases. I am consistently impressed with the K&F team's collaborative approach, with their individual commitment, and with their strong litigation skills.

Thomas X. (Medical Malpractice & Civil Rights)

Attorney Koufman was able to do the job that two other attorneys couldn't and he got my case dismissed. I highly recommend him. He answered my phone calls and was extremely attentive to my case. He stuck up for me when nobody else would and he didn't let the system trample me.


I received a "Not Guilty" verdict. Everything was just fantastic. Attorney Koufman looked at every single thing. I am very happy about what he did. He's a very good lawyer. He's respectful. The jury was six women and one guy, and they liked him very much.


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